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We are a group of companies dedicated to the upgrading and paving of roads through soil stabilization and paving with alternative pavements. We stabilize soils with cement, polymers, acrylics, lime, emulsions. We pave with chip seal (double surface treatment), micro surfacing, slurry seal, among other techniques. We have a range of products that makes us the most advanced in the market.

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Solutions ranging from the most advanced products to the most versatile construction techniques.


Having a wide range of products allows us to be able to upgrade a wide range of soils in a versatile and sustainable way.


When roads cost less, it is possible to build more kilometers; more roads, more progress. We make roads sustainable.

Solutions & Services

Learn about the main solutions and services offered by the Pro-Road group of companies.

Tratamientos Superficiales
Surface Treatments and Chip Seals

Get to know the ideal solution for road-wearing surfaces. Single, Double and Triple Surface Treatments.

Estabilización Química de Suelos
Chemical Soil Stabilization

Stabilization of all types of soils with different types of stabilizers and their combinations.

Suelo Cemento Optimizado
Optimized Soil Cement

Optimization of soil cement through the combined use of cement and stabilizers.

Slurry Seal Logo
Slurry Seal

Slurry Seal for the conservation, rejuvenation and preservation of pavements and stabilized soils.

Products & Developments

Learn about the main products and developments in the portfolio of the Pro-Road group of companies.

Sellantes y Emulsiones
Sealants and Bitumen Emulsions

Sealants and bitumen emulsions, from polymer modified to regular, from fast to slow setting for a wide range of applications.

cemento asfáltico
Asphalt Cement / Bitumen

Standardized / Normalized conventional and modified bitumen / asphalt for the production of hot, cold, dense and semi-dense asphalt mixtures.

Estabilizantes Químicos de Suelos
Soil Stabilizers

Stabilizers for all types of soils; polymer, ionic, acrylic, cementitious, among others, for clayley, silty, granular and sandy soils.

Pro-Road Asmelt Bitumen Melter Logo
Bitumen Melters

Bitumen melting equipment to decant solid asphalt cement at your job site. We manufacture tailor made equipment for your project.

Pro-Road’s Numbers…

Starting at 150.000

$ / km Paved

10-15 years

Design Period

Up to 70%


Applications and Projects

Learn about the different applications and projects of the Pro-Road system.


Paving of third and second order roads in compliance with governmental technical standards.

Real Estate

Paving of urban roads in real estate projects to increase the profitability and sustainability of the projects.


Paving of access and internal roads in agricultural, oil and gas, or energy projects to add value to operations.

How We’re Changing People’s Lives


Roads are the axis of the development of any region. They are the channel for the entrance and exit of products, goods, merchandise; they are the necessary pillar to materialize the production of any region or industry.


When we pave urban or rural roads, people’s lifestyles change substantially; details such as being able to enter and leave their homes wearing shoes, entering and leaving their homes at any time and in any weather, easy access and exit for service or passenger vehicles, and emergency services.

Social Inclusion

We create and develop construction systems that generate social inclusion through the execution of labor-intensive works. We build roads with more labor so that there is greater social development and a sense of belonging in the communities.

More Roads, More Progress

It’s not just us saying it, it’s people saying it.

Testimonials taken by the Colombian Ministry of Transportation.


See our latest publications and press releases.

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