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Pro-Road Asphalt Cement Bitumen for Export

Bitumen / Asphalt Cement Manufacturing And Export


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Bitumen Manufacturing

Bitumen or Asphalt Cement manufacturing is the process of producing bitumen from petroleum bitumen. It is used in a wide range of road construction and other construction industries. Bitumen is produced in large quantities, with millions of tons of bitumen being manufactured each year. The most common types of bitumen are Penetration Grade Normalized Bitumen (Asphalt Cement) and Performance Grade Bitumen (Asphalt Cement). The manufacturing process involves refining the petroleum bitumen to create different grades of bitumen for various uses. After production, the bitumen is then packaged and exported to countries around the world for use in road construction and other applications.

Bitumen Export

At Pro-Road Global, we strive to deliver quality products and services to our customers in bitumen markets around the world. We know that our success is determined by the quality of our bitumen products and production processes, which is why we are continuously striving to refine and enhance them.

Pro-Road Asphalt Cement Bitumen for Export
Pro-Road Asphalt Cement / Bitumen for Export in Steel Drums

We prioritize rigorous quality control measures to ensure reliability and consistency of bitumen grades throughout all stages of the production process. Whether for road construction, roofing or waterproofing applications – build trust in our quality bitumen!

We export high-performance bitumen from leading refineries across Europe – providing an alternative supply source for buyers in Latin America without compromising on quality. Our specialized team has developed a formidable portfolio of products in response to customer requirements – from performance grade bitumens to polymer-modified binder (PMBs).

We pride ourselves on delivering superior service alongside unrivalled product knowledge and expertise. Our experienced team of experts understand complex industries needs and can provide tailored solutions when you need it most.

Our commitment remains unwavering; to supply dependable, cost-effective high-grade bituminous binders that meet or exceed industry standards – placing us among the leading suppliers in the market today.

Bitumen and Asphalt Cement Packing for Export

Bitumen and asphalt cement products that are destined for export operations are normally packed in three types of presentations: steel drums, big bags (bitu-bags) or bitu-tainers. 

Bitumen and asphalt cement are materials normally used for construction projects. Asphalt mixtures created with bitumen and asphalt cement can be packed in three different types of presentation: steel drums, big bags (Bitu-bags) or Bitu-tainers specifically designed for export operations.

These presentations are traditionally used for the transportation of bitumen and asphalt in an efficient and safe manner. Steel drums are prepared for export with a capacity varying from 150 kg to 200 kg, providing an easy way to store the product creating a diverse range that satisfies needs depending on the size of the shipment.

Furthermore, the Big Bags (Bitu-bags) vary their capacity between 250 kg up to 1200 kg which is ideal for bulk shipments; likewise, Big Bags combine practicality and safety when it comes to transportation goals while saving on both transport costs while avoiding any product loss due to breakage during on-road trips. Lastly, Bitu-tainers are specially conceived containers offering levels of security as high as ISO standards.

The use of these three types of presentations is an absolute must if companies wish to transport heavy items such as bitumen and asphalt in order to satisfy customer demands regarding quality products for their projects. By following the strict protocols when packing bitumen and asphalt cement products, companies may ensure customers peace of mind knowing that their merchandise will arrive undamaged at its destination; boasting performance features beyond expectations all thanks to the excellence ensured by these three presentations.

Asphalt Products

At Pro-Road Group of companies, we manufacture and export mainly two types of asphalt cement products: Penetration grade Normalized Asphalt Cement and Performance Grade Asphalt Cement. 

Penetration Grade Normalized Bitumen (Asphalt Cement)

What is AASHTO Penetration Grade Normalized Asphalt Cement?

Pro-Road Asphalt Cement /Bitumen in Big Bags for Export

AASHTO Penetration Grade Normalized Asphalt Cement, referred to as PGNA, is a type of asphalt concrete that has been adjusted to a specific level of viscosity and stiffness. It ensures similar characteristics and performance in different climates, regardless of current temperature or weather changes.

This adjustment process results into improved rutting resistance and excellent durability while maximizing the moisture susceptibility properties to avoid stripping issues and/or edge raveling. It also increases the elastic modulus compared to conventional asphalt cement additives when applied at the optimum temperatures.

Penetration Grade Normalized Asphalt Cement can be mixed with other asphalt components for enhanced stability and resistance to deformation, making it an ideal choice for heavy-load traffic pavements. Moreover, due to its superior blending capabilities, PGNA produces mixtures with excellent wearing surface texture and extended fatigue life even under high temperatures.

The precision of PGNA’s specifications makes it cost-effective and more efficient than traditional methods in controlling asphalt cement consistencies over a wide range of mix designs, enabling better pavement performance outcomes in longer-term applications without compromising safety standards or quality control requirements.

Make sure your pavement performance stands out long-term with AASHTO Penetration Grade Normalized Asphalt Cement! Get started on optimizing your project with the highest-grade materials today!

Performance Grade Bitumen (Asphalt Cement)

AASHTO Performance Grade (PG) Asphalt Cement is a specially formulated asphalt cement for use in pavements where temperatures, climate conditions and traffic credentials suggest that performance requirements would be best served by an asphalt cement of superior quality. It is rated according to its ability to resist rutting, cracking, raveling, and shattering under the different stress levels due to the changes in temperature and other environmental conditions during the asphalt pavement’s lifetime.

AASHTO PG Asphalt Cement is designed to have increased stiffness or resistance compared to conventional grade asphalts. This helps it resist deformations under loads such as those encountered in continuously trafficked pavements and heavy trucks traveling on highways. Properly used, this high-grade asphalt can give more miles of service life than conventional grades while costing no more.

The grade designations reflect progressing increases in stiffness displayed at ambient temperatures and other physically relevant tests specified by AASHTO (American Association of State Highway Transportation Officials). The classification of each grade tells interested parties how well that particular product can perform when used in an asphalt paving application.

For contractors, using AASHTO Performance Grade Asphalt Cement allows them to offer better performance for their clients along with improved durability for every project completed. Now instead of simply offering conventional asphalts or relying on short-term solutions with limited effectiveness, contractors can provide greater prospects for extended road life with a promising performance guarantee from the start. With proper usage you will soon discover why AASHTO Performance Grade Asphalt Cement is quickly becoming the most requested paving solution when long lasting road maintenance is desired!

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