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Asphalt Cement in Big Bags for Export

Understanding Bitumen Price


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Bitumen and Asphalt Cement Price

Bitumen or asphalt cement is an essential product used in road construction and has been on a steady rise for the past year. It’s pricing also varies, depending on crude oil prices, raw material costs, latest commodity prices and types of bitumen available. As such, it’s important to understand how the price of bitumen is calculated in order to track trends and strategies to get the best bitumen deals or identify where price increases have occurred.

Asphalt Cement in Big Bags for Export
Asphalt Cement in Big Bags for Export

Latest Bitumen Price

The current prices of bitumen range between $460 and $670 per metric tonne, depending on the grade of bitumen and the country from where the bitumen or asphalt cement is being manufactured and exported. There is usually price increase when crude oil prices rise or when supply is lower, and a decrease occurs when supply increases or there are no changes in material cost. This means that aside from tracking crude oil prices, one should also monitor supplies activities around producers or neighbouring countries who may affect your drum price.

Bitumen 60/70

Bitumen 60/70 is a standard grade of high viscosity blend made from specially crafted polymers modified with asphalt cement grades (VCG-6000) widely used in production of asphalt roads constructions all over the world. Its excellent insulation ability provides longer life for roads even during extreme weathers like excessive heat or heavy downpour that leads to significantly higher durability making this type of bitumen highly sought after by contractors involved in road construction projects as well as property developers building residential areas near highways or expressways constructed with this type of bitumen.

Polymer-modified bitumen solutions

Polymer modified bitumen is the result of modern construction materials science. It combines natural bitumen with a range of synthetic polymers to optimise asphalt performance and durability.

Applied correctly, this advanced mix can significantly extend the life of highways and structures throughout their lifespan – at minimal cost.

High quality polymer modified bitumen also increases traction and resistance to extreme temperatures. This makes it invaluable in ensuring traffic safety while also providing an effective means of preventing cold-weather related deterioration in asphalt roads.

By investing in high quality systems, you’ll be able to maximise your return on investment, with longer lasting applications that are fit for purpose all year round.

Your infrastructure deserves the best possible protection against harsh conditions, and polymer modified bitumen provides optimal road surfacing for both new installations as well as repairs and maintenance work.

It’s now easier than ever to benefit from the many advantages that come with using these state-of-the-art products – providing you with long lasting improvements in performance and reliability with minimum effort required from our end.

Influence of transport on bitumen costs

It’s important to consider factors such as oversupply, market demand, advances in technology and other contemporary developments when planning for transport costs. 

Your strategic approach should consider both current market conditions and long-term forecasts to ensure you are able to make informed decisions about your particular requirements for bitumen supplies. Taking this approach enables you to accurately determine what elements have an impact on price volatility over time.

Freight costs have a massive influence over the bitumen cost, being the distance needed to transport bitumen from its country of origin to its destination a crucial factor when purchasing and sourcing the bitumen for your project. 

Understanding freight costs has become an essential part of choosing the right bitumen for your project. You need to be aware of how the distance affects their pricing and getting an accurate estimate is vital.

For those in the know, this plays into their decision making process when they are selecting where to source their bitumen from. They can then select the most suitable supplier, at the best price, that meets all the other requirements.

Analysing freight costs gives you control over your sourcing process and provides a benchmark for any potential offers you receive from suppliers and tracks changes over time allowing you to assess whether your current supply chain is providing value-for-money.

It’s important to remember that what applies today may not apply tomorrow so having up-to-date information is key when it comes to freight cost analysis. Comparing your current network with different ones regularly will help ensure better cost management as well as maintaining relationships with reliable sources of supply that provide access to quality products without paying a premium.

Your business needs efficient strategies, capable of quickly adapting while managing fixed costs beyond basic transportation and delivery charges. Armed with data, companies can leverage difficult market situations and optimize investment decisions with both supply chain agility and total cost control – essential success factors in a globalized world economy.

Finally, understanding exactly how much fuel costs on top of shipment and product fees can help manage deficits was well as create predictive capabilities which enable companies to gain timely insights on direction decisions need to take in order to keep operations running smoothly every time .

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